Do you need a certified Covid-19 test before travel here in Kristiansand ?

We offer covid testing, with both PCR test and rapid test

We offer coronatest for travellers and others from Kristiansand that are without symptoms of covid-19 and in need of either a rapid-test or PCR.

If you need testing and have a Norwegian Bank-ID you may book an appointment with us on a given time. If not, you may show up Monday to Friday for drop-in 15-15.15 (antigen/rapid-test only) at Søm legesenter, Vardåsveien 69, 4637 Kristiansand. For PCR test or other times, please email Bring your passport/passportnumber and check beforehand if you need a fit-to-fly certificate and what type of test you need.

The rapid test/antigen test takes 15 minutes time while the PCR 1-2 days to analyze. For the PCR please book appointment to consider possibly 2 days time for the analyzes, if you do not have a Norwegian ID.

DROP IN antigen/rapid-test, or 15-15:15 (antigen/rapid-test only) at Vardåsveien 69, 4637 Kristiansand. PCR/other times email

Our testing procedure – offering both rt-PCR and rapid antigen test.

Our covid-19 travel test procedure :

Covid test before travel Kristiansand

We use two types of tests if you need covid test travel Kristiansand – either a PCR swab taken by both oropharyngeal swab test and nasopharyx. This sample is analyzed in the hospital and takes 0-2 days to get registrered.

We also do rapid Ag testing, using Abbott rapid test panbio. This takes only 15 minutes to get the result from, but sensitivity as well as specificity are lower.

Not all countries accept the rapid test, the PCR test if always a safer option if you are in doubt of the travel requirements to your country.

We have tested for covid-19 on patients since april 2020 and have a long experience with the testing itself, and following the correct procedures / type of tests to ensure a correct results and covid-19 documentation.

The price for the rapid test is 900 nkr while for the PCR test 1000 nkr.

Fit-to-Fly Certificate when travelling from Kristiansand / Agder

In particular for countries outside the EU, you will need a special form called fit-to-fly. We take care of this and you”ll receive your certificate as soon as the PCR test before travel or rapid-test is analyzed.

The testing protocole at Søm Legesenter corona-station in Kristiansand : 

  1. Book an appointment or if this is not possible, use the drop-in option.
  2. Register your arrival with the secretaries
  3. Fill out one of our forms.
  4. Soon one of the doctors will take the corona test before travel in Kristiansand sample
  5. You will get the rapid test result in 15 minutes. If you are non-Norwegian we’ll give you a written fit-to-fly / negative corona virus confirmation right away to take with you. In the case of a positive test, we offer immediate PCR testing and corona-virus guidance.
  6. You will receive the PCR result in 0-2 days
  7. If you need a certificate / fit to fly from the PCR result we will send it to you electronically.

Hvordan nå oss ?


Vi treffes i Vardåsveien 69, 4637 Kristiansand. Post sendes samme adresse. Vennligst bruk online-booking for de fleste timebestillinger, men haster det, ring oss på tlf. 38128844.


Ring Kristiansand legevakt 116117, eller ved akutte tilstander 113.

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